Frequently asked Questions

Q.What is CMTI? 

A.CMTI is a vehicle to train Christian leaders using bible college material, taught by inspired and experienced instructors in a local church setting. This allows for the local church to provide quality monthly bible college courses while still imparting local church DNA into their leaders.

Q.Who is the founder of CMTI and how did it begin?

A.First of all, CMTI is a partnership between 4 different spiritual organizations. It began when Covenant Life Ministries (CLM) had the vision to provide Christian Leadership training to its network of churches. CLM then discovered Prepare International who works alongside local churches to equip local leaders using quality biblical curriculum. Vision International has the same vision with an international mission and will accept the credits obtained by finishing the one year CMTI. This relationship allows the graduate to continue earning credits through Vision International, receiving a degree if they wish. And finally, CLM partnered with the Local Church Campuses that had the same passion: to train up ministers and leaders through the local church for the kingdom of God! 

Q.How much does CMTI cost the student?

A.In terms of money, there is a one-time $50.00 application fee to set up student records and the one year program costs $100 a month for 12 months. In terms of time, it is estimated that it will cost the student a total of 40 hours a month.

Q.How much does the program cost the local church?

A.There is a one-time $200.00 application fee to establish the Local Church Campus that must be made up of a minimum of five students. Other than that, there are very little costs in terms of money except some minor administrative or postage costs but it will cost time and effort for the Local Church Campus Dean. Time will be needed to facilitate the classes, to train local leaders on local church material and to meet one on one with students for mentoring. However, each of these tasks will produce more than they cost. Our intent is that CMTI actually adds more value to your Local Church Campus than it costs in time and money.

Q.Are there any financial costs to the student other than the $100 for CMTI?

A.The Local Church Campus may require the students to purchase a book or study material for their curriculum but this should be a minor expense. 

Q.What does the process look like when the student finishes the year long program and wants to continue on to obtain a degree?

A.In June, the student can pay a one-time $50 fee to become an official Vision International student. Then CMTI will convert all the student’s credits (30) over to Vision Credits. Our arrangement with Vision International is that these credits will transfer on a one for one basis giving the student 30 Vision credits. Then CMTI will apply for any practicum credits earned from approved Local Church Campus curriculum. This will not cost the student any money if these credits are accepted. Finally, CMTI will submit, at the student’s request, any ministry experience to Vision for consideration for more credits. These Ministry credits (or advanced standing) will have a charge attached to them but will not be more expensive than if the student took courses to achieve the same amount of credits.

Q.How and where do I go to receive my remaining courses to finish my degree?

A.Each year, CMTI will provide OT Survey and NT Survey. The other 8 courses will rotate by category. There will always be several Bible, Theology and Practical Christianity courses offered but they will be different each year. That way, students in a second year will be taking courses for degrees while sitting next to first year students in CMTI! If a course is being offered that a student has already passed, we have the ability to allow them to go online and take a course they have not taken before and continue on.

Q.  Can someone attend the monthly bible college courses but not be a CMTI student?

Yes. If a student’s spouse or anyone else wishes to audit the bible college courses, they can do so at a reduced rate of $50.00 per course. However, they will not receive a textbook, manual, or any college credits for completing the course(s).

Q. How does the Local Church Campus or a student at these campuses get assistance if a question arises?

A. The main campus for CMTI is located at New Covenant Church in Clyde, NC. The church office is staffed during normal business hours during the week. The main campus of CMTI has a President, Chancellor, Campus Dean, numerous Guidance Counselors, an administrative person and a technical supervisor, all available to assist you and support your local campus in any way possible.