Local Church Role

The Role of the Local Church Campus (LCC)

Covenant Ministry Training Institute (CMTI) combines quality bible college instruction with local church vision, culture and leadership. 

Benefits of becoming a CMTI campus for the local church:

  • Provides the local church with a comprehensive format of providing ministry training.
  • Establishes a standard to which all aspiring church leaders must experience to serve the congregation. 
  • Provides a flexible tool for instilling local church vision & DNA in sons and daughters in the house. 
  • Provides a proving ground for those who desire to enter the ministry or serve in local church leadership. 

Benefits to the student:

  • Provides inexpensive way to receive an excellent quality bible college education.
  • Flexible way to pursue ministry training (and continue on to receive a degree) without having to relocate or quit an existing job.
  • Provides a uniform standard of training that varies little from one Local Church Campus to another. 
  • Provides recommendations for future full-time ministry opportunities.

Three job descriptions that are required at each Local Church Campus (LCC):

1.   Chancellor – The Senior Minister or Ministry Director will act as the Chancellor for each campus.

Primary responsibilities:

      • Cast vision for the need for and benefits of the CMTI.
      • Recruit students for CMTI program.
      • Select a Dean and Guidance Counselor(s).
      • Select the in-house material and instructors that will teach the 6 hours a month Local Church Campus courses.

2.   Dean – This person should have strong administrative and organizational skills. They will work directly for the Local Church Campus Chancellor but will also have access to the Dean at the main CMTI campus in Clyde, NC. 

Primary responsibilities:

      • Receive and process applications for new students.
      • Schedule and facilitate the 12 hour PI courses each month, making sure that students are registered, rooms are set up and any video equipment needed is prepared. 
      • Schedule and facilitate the 6 hour Local Church Campus training each month, scheduling the courses, rooms and equipment as needed.
      • Download live feed or video stream for any PI courses and distributes the accompanying manuals. 
      • Receive from students the tests, essays and documented hours of service and then forward them to the main CMTI campus in Clyde, NC.

3.Guidance Counselors – It is recommended that each Local Church Campus provide a guidance counselor for each group of five students. 

Primary responsibilities:

      • Meet once a month with each student to see how they are processing the material they are studying
      • Assess the progress the student is making 
      • Assist with any character issues that may be emerging as they pursue Christ-likeness (If the student has ministry or leadership aspirations, this is a great place to begin to address those expectations)