Courses for 2012/2013:

BI 101 - OT Survey: A comprehensive overview of the history of the Jewish people and God’s covenant that began with Abraham but extends to us today.

BI 102 - NT Survey: An introduction to the cultural and writings of the New Testament. In this course the student will get a basic understanding of how the writings of the New Testament fit together to tell one story, our new life in Christ!

TH 101 – Kingdom of God: A study of the Kingdom of God and its relevance and application to daily living. This course focuses on principles and theology revolving around the concept of Kingdom living. 

TH 202 – Church History: An overview of our Christian heritage from the early church to today. 

MIN 101 – Making Disciples & Spiritual Fathering: A foundational course discovering how we might fulfill the Great Commission with our lives and how to make disciples of Jesus today through friendship and relationship. 

MIN 104 – Journey to Authenticity: A study of the six stages of spiritual growth in each believer’s life. 

MIN 301 (part 1) - The Power of a Transformed Mind: How to renew your mind to work together with God. In this course we study how we should think to work together with God and what is His part and our part in this process.

MIN 301 (part 2) -  Living By Faith: Learning to Live in God’s Supernatural Realm of Faith. 

LDR 101 – An Introduction to Leadership: A study of leadership in the Bible and today’s culture. Principles specifically pertaining to leadership in ministry will be examined. 

SNM 201 – Supernatural Life and Ministry: A deep look at learning to walk deeply with the Person of the Holy Spirit in such a way that our lives take on a supernatural nature. After studying our life in the Holy Spirit, we will then study hearing God and growing in prophecy complete with many chances to practice. From there we will journey into healing the sick and casting out demons.