About CMTI

4 Key Elements to CMTI

1. Prepare InternationalBible College Instruction (12 hours)

During the one year general Church Leadership Training Program we will offer 10 bible college courses, taking off the months of December and July. 

Each course will last twelve (12) hours of live or video presentation and can be presented in one weekend or on a regular weekly basis. This will be accompanied by a text book and manual. 

To receive credit, the student must write a book report on the text book. The book report cannot be less than one page and shouldn’t be more than two pages. The student will be required to write a reflection paper, describing what God is saying to them through the material. This paper should not be less than three pages and no more than five pages. Finally the student must pass a test that will be multiple choice, essay questions or write a paper based on the classroom material. This will be at the instructor’s discretion and the instructor will provide a grade for each student on this material. Each course will be worth 3 credit hours.

The material for each course will be supplied by Prepare International and presented by anointed and experienced Covenant Life Ministry ministers or partners.

Each year we would provide courses drawn from the following categories:

      • Bible and Theology (BI/TH)
      • General Ministry Studies (MIN)
      • Supernatural Ministry Courses (SNM)
      • Leadership Courses (LDR)
      • Missions and Cross Cultural Ministry (MIS)
      • Local Church (LOC)

2.  Local Church Training (6 hours)

Each local campus will provide a minimum of six (6) hours of local church training. The main purpose of this element is to impart the local church DNA into your ministry leaders. There are a few required courses that must be taught. Then there is room for others courses to be taught at the discretion of the local pastor. It is important to note that you are probably already providing training through small groups our other functions that would qualify for local church training. Here are some examples of the type of courses that will be provided:

Local Church Course studies:

      • Required:

Spiritual Care / Chaplaincy – We believe that every Christian Leader should have some basic training in how to care for people. Here are some of the areas that training can be provided in the local church:   hospital visitation, weddings, funerals, altar ministry training, baptism, communion and baby dedication.

Spiritual Authority / Church government – While the principles of spiritual authority work everywhere, the way the local churches and ministries function are different. We require that some basic training be provided that helps the Christian Leader learn how to function in the culture of your local church.

Spiritual Gifts – Every believer must be familiar with the gifting and anointing that God has equipped them with. Therefore, we require that each student have explored their individual make-up through a personality profile or spiritual gifts survey and be directed to discover their anointing, giftings and callings.

      • Recommended:

Counseling or inner healing model

Homiletics (Preaching/Teaching class)

Confrontation/Conflict Resolution 

Prayer/Spiritual Warfare 


Other: This is your opportunity to use an existing course or ministry you already use to train and equip your leaders. 

These courses will satisfy the requirements to graduate from the one year CMTI program. However, it is possible to receive Bible College credits from Prepare International as practicum work done if the local church course meets Prepare International requirements. These courses would need to be submitted before the school year begins. They should be accompanied by a text book, video series or some other form of formalized instruction. The student must write a paper or take a test to qualify for these credits.

We recommend that the local classroom instruction be done at a regular time such as during small groups or 2 hours a week on a set night.

3. Personal study (10 hours)

Each student will be required to perform ten (10) hours of tasks on their own:

      • Write book report for any textbook needed for the bible college class.
      • Write paper or take a test on the classroom material. 
      • Read, study or write a report for any materials required through local church instruction. (The quality of this exercise is dependent upon the effort made by the individual student).

4. Local Church Service/Ministry (12 hours)

Each student is required to serve their local church a minimum of twelve (12) hours a month. These hours must be documented by a pastor who is overseeing their activities. These hours can be spent serving during regular worship services (i.e. worship team, children’s ministry or as an usher). They may serve during the week around the office in a manner that promotes personal growth and educates the students on the daily functions of ministry. Or, they may serve outside the church, but under supervision (such as evangelistic events, hospital visitation or other ministry events).

Combining these four key elements, we believe, will create an environment where the ministry student can receive an excellent general pastoral education. Through our agreement with Vision International, an accredited international Bible College, from Australia, the student may continue on with their education online and receive their degree. Vision provides degrees up to the doctorate level. We have access to a very unique Master’s of leadership degree should the student or the pastor be interested in this program.